The problem that most cancer patients are experiencing.

Once diagnosed patients:

• Are immediately rushed on a conveyor belt of treatment with only three options chemo, radiation, and surgery.

• Don’t realize that their care should be individualized and not standardized.

• Don’t think they have time to investigate other options not knowing that it typically takes cancer seven to ten years to grow in the first place.

• Are so overwhelmed with just being diagnosed that they aren’t sure of even what questions to ask or that there is a better way where they can complement treatments and have a great quality and quantity of life.

• Are trying to figure out how they are going to be able to sustain their family financially.

• Hear the word cancer, and they are instantly filled with fear as the only picture they see in their mind is of someone who is suffering and weak.

We created this video series as a solution to the overwhelm patients feel once diagnosed.

This video series will help walk patients and their families through an easy step-by-step process on what to do once diagnosed. There are five short lessons with downloadable resources attached to each one.

“I Have Cancer, Now What?” Video Series Portal

    1. Module 1 - I have cancer, now what? Overcoming the shock.

    2. A Prayer for You

    1. Module 2 - Build Your Treatment Team

    1. Module 3 - Build Your Support Team

    1. Module 4 - Tools for A Strong Mindset and Emotions

    1. Module 5 - A Healthy Soul

    2. Feedback Survey

About this video series:

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